VBDepend :: VB6/VBA Static Analysis and Code Quality tool

How to analyze your
VB6/VBA source code.

(incl. Excel, Access and Word files)

More than 100 companies use VBDepend to measure and understand their VB6/VBA source code.

As a static analyzer, VBDepend will likely find hundreds or even thousands of issues affecting a real-world code base. Stopping work to attempt to fix all issues for weeks would be quite unproductive.

Recent code smells that should be fixed before committing any code to source control are highlighted in VisualVBDepend. They can then be fixed even before reaching the source server.

As a consequence the Code Quality remains under control with no major upfront investment.

Because we know developer time is invaluable, VBDepend is fast, very fast.

The analysis results can be re-estimated within just a few seconds, even for hundreds of rules passed on a very large code base and, as we are aware of its importance, without any noticeable IDE slow down.

Fixing issues is much easier as the developer is immediately informed with no delay of new issues just created, while the context is still fresh in her mind and while the code is not checked-in yet to the source control server.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, VBDepend proposes several unique ways to visualize your code. This includes:

Code maintainability improves. This positively impacts the productivity of development teams.

Over time, developers get educated about rules to follow and their skills improve.

Architects can anticipate the impact of code changes. The right decisions are taken early.

Since quality is checked automatically and continuously with a strong focus on recent changes, the team builds better code.

Executives gain control over costs and risks thanks to light being shed on development facts and trends that matter most.

They use VBDepend